The celeb secret

So we can now truly say that the secret is out and about! It was a very well kept secret… well kept, that it’s really only been released to the Western world 1,000 years later! As we watch the latest Matcha trend unfold, we are seeing the celebs catching on to the health craze because of its incredible benefits. Those like Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Olson and DJ Chelsea all over the new green sensation that has been named by The New York Post as the "new Scientology”

The interesting part to understand now with these celebs is... are they drinking matcha lattes and posing them in their hands as the “in-thing’? or are they drinking them because of the health benefits? 

Whatever the reason, it’s a sure sign that there is definitely something spreading virally about the fluro wonder powder which is loaded with 137 x antioxidants of a standard green tea. Not only that, it aids in to lower cholesterol, support clear skin and encourage weightloss. Now, that’s a few exceptional reasons why Matcha is an obvious choice and can I say, if we also look cool drinking it in the process…...then what an absolute bonus!

Create Happy, Anna xx