'Bride to Be' Matcha Pack


'Bride to Be' Matcha Pack


The wedding is not far away.... It's cleanse time. Did you know that Matcha Green Tea is one of the best detoxes you can give your body? Loaded with antioxidants and precisely 132x that of normal green teas, Hello Happy Skin Matcha Tea will have your body and skin detoxed in no-time at all!

This Happy Pack provides exactly what is needed to start consuming Matcha and perfect for the 'Bride To Be' so she's ready for the day ahead.

Whether it's a cup of matcha in the morning, a scoop added to your morning smoothie or juice or added to your baking, you'll love it!

The Hello Happy Skin 'Bride To Be' Matcha Pack includes;
1 x 60g Hello Happy Skin Matcha Green Tea
1 x Hello Happy Skin Matcha Green Tea Whisk
1 x Hello Happy Skin Cotton Drawstring Bag
1 x Hello Happy Skin Matcha recipe card

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