'Bride Tribe' Happy Pack


'Bride Tribe' Happy Pack


Getting the 'Bride Tribe' ready for the Big Day has never been more fun!

The entire Hello Happy Skinwear Collection, 'Happiness on the Outside'  all in a cute 'Bride Tribe' Cotton Drawstring Bag. All the essentials she needs to sparkle on the day!. The collection will encourage complete skin happiness all loaded with Matcha Green Tea and other awesome raw ingredients including; strawberry, carrot, aloe vera, mung beans, rosemary, ginger, peppermint leaves, polenta & loads more!

'Bride Tribe' Happy Pack includes;
200g Hello Happy Skin Body Scrub
100ml Hello Happy Skin Squeaky Clean
100ml Hello Happy Skin Face Scrub
100ml Hello Happy Skin Face Mask
200ml Hello Happy Skin Face & Body Smoothie
Hello Happy Skin 'Bride To Be' Cotton Drawstring Ba

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