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For those with a sweet tooth...

For those with a sweet tooth...

We love matcha. We love it in smoothies, lattes and in food… and yep, you guessed it, we love it even on its own in it's powdery form.

But not everyone is like us. The majority of sane people don’t like the very earthy, often bitter taste of matcha. As a close friend says, “it tastes like gardens”.

So below we've listed five different ways you can sweeten your daily cuppa of matcha without simply adding sugar - although sugar is perfectly fine if that’s what you prefer. You do you babe.



      1. Honey 

        Honey is our ultimate fave sugar alternative as it’s natural but also has a lot of healing and antibacterial benefits to help soothe a sore throat. It’s packed with antioxidants and polyphenols that help in neutralising reactive oxygen species (ROS) in your body, which can build up in cells to cause damage such as premature ageing, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. It’s also better for your blood sugar levels compared with refined sugar.

      2. Ice cream
        Ice cream is another fave of ours to sweeten our matcha latte’s as it not only thickens it but makes it sweet and creamy. Yum!

      3. Agave syrup
        Agave syrup is another handy alternative to sweeten your matcha if you’re out of honey. You have to be conscious though of using a natural agave syrup that doesn’t include added sugars as it tends to be already naturally sweeter than honey.

      4. Coconut milk
        Another one we love using is coconut milk! We've found that it tends to be a sweeter milk option than almond or soy. It also gives the matcha a creamier flavour.

      5. Full fat cream
        This one is for the keto warriors out there! Although it's high in fat, we love that it makes your matcha creamy but not as sweet as adding ice cream. It’s like the perfect medium. Give it a once over in the blender to make it light and fluffy to make our matcha nice and frothy.

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