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No one knows Hello Happy Skin products quite like our creator, Lia, who has been using them for over five years! Below she gives us her life changing hacks to get more out of your favourite products....

After using Hello Happy Skin products and LOVING them since late 2015, it’s safe to say I’ve figured out a few hacks that you might never have thought of! What I love about Hello Happy Skin is that all products are 100% natural and raw, and all ingredients have a purpose. That being said, you can easily mix products for different uses and results. Here are my sneaky hacks after all these years using my favourite products:

  1. Get more from your Face Mud:
    I’m usually terrible at finding time over the weekend for self-pampering as I’m always on the run and usually working on weekends. So I keep my Face Mud in the shower and every alternate morning it’s the first thing I plaster on my face when I jump in. My usual shower is around 7-10mins so the entire time, the mask is being activated by the hot steam in the shower and able to work its magic, deep in my pores for a thorough clean. Just before I turn off the water, I rub off the mask with my hands and vwala! Fresh, dewy skin, ready for anything the day throws at me!
  1. Blackhead remover:
    I travel a lot for work, which means my pores take a beating from all the flights… around 70 a year! I’ve found the best DIY deep clean for my skin is mixing a bit of Hello Happy Skin Body Scrub together with Face Polish. I mix it up in my fingertips, then apply to my face as a mask and leave it on for 15mins, and I make sure to scrub my face thoroughly while I’m rinsing it off, in circular motions. I usually do this once or twice a month because it can be quite abrasive, especially if you have sensitive skin (luckily I don’t), but it literally clears 90% of my blackheads.
    (This is also a good one if you’ve run out of Face Mud).
  1. Gentle home-wax remover:
    So this beauty was actually born out of our recent quarantine stint at home. I waxed my underarms with pre-made wax strips, and if you’ve ever done this before, you’ll know that it’s nearly impossible to do a clean job… You’ll always have a bit of sticky residue left behind that you can’t remove with the strip. Because I wasn’t going to jump in the shower straight away, I scrubbed my underarms with Face Polish after I was finished. It effectively removed all the wax that was left over on my skin and didn’t irritate my underarms because it’s a completely natural product. Giving them a scrub straight away also ensured I avoided any ingrowns once the hair started growing back.
  1. When you can’t be bothered with makeup remover:
    So this is me pretty much 99% of the time. I’m very diligent in that I will NEVER go to sleep unless I’ve properly cleansed my face, but I usually can’t be bothered with a million-step night routines and like to be in and out as quick as I can. Rather than use makeup remover, I usually cleanse my face first with Face Polish to scrub away the make-up and then I’ll follow up with Squeaky Clean to get rid of all the residue and really cleanse my skin. Face Polish has a lot of coconut oil in it so that in itself works as a really good makeup remover and you’ll see how it melts the makeup off. However because it’s oil based, it’s a bit harder to rinse so that’s why I follow up with Squeaky Clean.
    If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll just mix the two products together and wash my face once and that usually does it for me and effectively removes the makeup.
  1. 2-in-1 tanning oil:
    The high amount of extra virgin coconut oil in Face & Body Smoothie, acts as a great tanning oil and keeps your skin hydrated at the same time, thanks to naturally occuring lauric acid and vitamin E. Coconut oil naturally has a SPF rating of 8, however I do recommend also applying a SPF30 cream or spray on top to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, especially if you have sensitive or lighter skin.
  1. Fine line remover:
    Don’t you hate it when you have a full face of makeup on and the laugh lines around your eyes become more pronounced or cakey looking when wearing a heap of makeup? Me too! So if I remember to do it before I apply the makeup, I’ll usually apply a bit of Face & Body Smoothie around my eyes and wherever else I get lines. This lubricates the eye area and the coconut oil and jojoba oil in the product fills in any lines for a smoother base to apply your make-up.
    If I forget to do this before applying makeup (which is usually the case because I’m always rushing), I’ll rub a tiny drop of Face & Body Smoothie into my fingertips and then gently pat around my eyes to smudge the makeup around those lines. Being that there’s a blend of different natural oils in the product, it blends the makeup well and stays in place all day as well as keeping my skin hydrated so it stays soft. It doesn’t evaporate off and leave you with your lines showing later on in the day!

I hope you enjoyed my product hacks! If you have any Hello Happy Skin hacks that you’ve used or recommend, please leave them in the comments below as I’d love to hear them!

Lia x

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