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How to maintain clear, glowing skin this Christmas

How to maintain clear, glowing skin this Christmas

The silly season is one of my favourite times of year; Chrissy parties, catch ups with everyone you haven’t seen all year, lots of food and warm, sunny afternoons day drinking… sorry if you’re from the Northern Hemisphere, but Aussies definitely do Christmas better!

By the end of the season though, your skin needs a break just as much as you do. Training your skin to go the extra mile is no easy feat. But we’ve compiled a list for you to keep you glowing long after New Year’s Day and avoid ending up like Barbie...



  1. Hydration is key!

It’s hard to opt for water when the whole month of December calls for bubbles! But alcohol is incredibly dehydrating, which causes your skin to dry out, become scaly and encourages premature ageing.😱 Your liver needs to work extra hard to excrete the sulphurs and preservatives from the alcohol, and in turn causes imbalances in your skin. This results in breakouts, inflammation and redness.

Try to match each glass of bubbles with a glass of water to stay hydrated throughout the day and where possible choose organic, sulphur and preservative-free wines instead.

Pure Vision Organic Wines have a great selection of vegan, organic and preservative-free wines. The best part is that they’re super local!


  1. Limit your caffeine intake

Caffeine is also dehydrating and needs to be metabolised by the liver. And as we know, dehydration can cause dry skin, wrinkles and premature ageing. While coffee might be vital to get you through your busy agenda, try to swap it for something like matcha green tea.

While it has less caffeine than coffee, its effects last longer (around 4-6 hours). Thanks to an amino acid called L-theanine as well as other antioxidants, flavanoids, and phytonutrients naturally occurring in matcha, you won’t feel jittery or crash as the caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream slower.


  1. Get your beauty sleep.

This can be difficult when you have back-to-back events running long into the night. A sneaky hack that we should definitely adopt from party-loving Spaniards is Siesta! Try sneaking in a 20-30min kip after lunch or before heading out for the night to keep your body refreshed and energised.


  1. Remove ALL your makeup before going to sleep.

I cannot stress this enough… it’s not ok to hit the hay with a full face of makeup… it doesn’t matter how drunk you are. Nor is ok to only use a face-wipe before bed!

If you want your skin to really go the distance this silly season, make sure you remove your makeup every night and follow up with your full skin routine – cleansing and moisturising. You don’t need to complicate your routine with a million steps, just effective ones. You could try our Squeaky Clean matcha cleanser and follow up with Face & Body Smoothie matcha moisturiser to give your skin that extra burst of hydration it needs to regenerate and repair.


  1. Make time for a mask or treatment

To top up all these efforts and really brighten your glow, try to make time for a treatment with a professional dermatologist this month for a microdermabrasion (my fave), or a FotoFacial or HydraFacial.

If you prefer to DIY or you’re strapped for cash, mask up with our Face Mud. You’ll only need 20mins for it to work wonders by sucking out toxins and gunk from your pores, while intensely hydrating your skin to give you instant glow. My personal tip is, if you’re running low on time, apply Face Mud before getting into the shower for that party or in the morning. The steam from the shower will activate the mask and the result? A mini-facial that didn’t cost you any time.

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