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Do you feel pressure to add more products to your current routine?

Anti-ageing treatments, serums, skin brightening, acids, etc.? You end up piling on products you don't need & barely use, and worse, irritating your skin even more? Yep, we feel you too.

The rule should be: how can I keep it simple and effective, so I have more time to do happy stuff?


Hey, thanks for stopping by! I’m Lia, the owner of Hello Happy Skin

Just like you, my skincare journey started when I was around 14 or 15. Puberty hit. Huge breakouts began... You know, teenage stuff. Back then, I tried every product available to treat my acne, I even was put on two different types of medication to calm my skin!

I bought into every skincare marketing campaign with very few results. Now as an adult and after all those hit and misses, I noticed that there’s a lot of products that claim to give you perfect skin, but little to no products that sell healthy skin.

Luckily, I found Hello Happy Skin. I hope it can take you on as happy a journey as it’s taken me.


Hello Happy Skin is made of natural, everyday ingredients that make a real difference to your skin

Our philosophy is “If you can’t put it in your body, then why would you put it on your skin?” That’s why we’ve only added ingredients that can do both, like honey, avocado, carrot, and OUR FAVORITE: MATCHA GREEN TEA.

We’ve been told that Hello Happy Skin reminds our customers of the scent of their Bali holidays. Others say our products smell soooo delicious, they literally want to eat them... But we don’t recommend you do that 😉.

There’s no added harsh stuff, synthetic alcohols, artificial preservatives, parabens, gluten or ingredients you can’t pronounce. This makes Hello Happy Skin gently good for your body and non-toxic to the environment.



Made with oh-so good matcha, so it's safe & gentle to almost all skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, combo? We've got you covered!


All-Natural Stuff

No-chemical nasties are included in our formulas that could harm you or the environment.



We are a small independent business. Our products are made with love in small batches.



From Anna to Lia herself, Hello Happy Skin is and will always be about empowering all woman. The #futureisfemale



Our products are tested on us, and always will be. Not on cute, cuddly animals.



Because we should be accessible for all skin types. Irritation and inflammation are off the cards!


Our core beliefs at Hello Happy Skin are:

• Your skincare routine should be uncomplicated and effective for you...

Your skin is entirely unique to you. Maybe you’re looking to cut down on what you’re using, to keep it simple and effective. We’re here to offer you the products that your skin really needs.

• Products can be both quality and budget-friendly

As a wise woman once said, “I don't believe that a higher price point equates to a better product or better results and I don't think they're at all necessary to have great skin.” – you guessed it, moi!

• We aim for healthy, happy skin, not perfect skin

It’s all about having healthy skin and a routine that’s fun and easy to follow. So here at Hello Happy Skin, our goal is to help you achieve that. Because frankly, less is always best.


Hello Happy Skin is proud to call South Australia home

We’re proud to live in the small suburb of Virginia, South Australia, just south of the famous Barossa Valley.

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P.O. Box 511 Virginia, SA 5120

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